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according to some reports, doubling the past would only generate $10 million. apparently that is what counts. but the savings in democratic ciles. th is my "2 cents more." a great night. it was the record tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening and thank you for being with us. i'm lou dobbs. investigators in the boston marathon bombing terrorist attack now say they have identified a suspect, although norrests have been made at this hour. we do not he the description of that suspect. this after a day of back-and-forth reporting on whether or not someone had, indeed, already been identified as a suspect and had come in some cases, been arrested. those questions loom large through the date. at the end of the day they brought no answers. law enforcement officials with ties to the investigation reportedly confirming to the associated press earlier in the
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day that a suspect had been taken into custody, placed under arrest, and was at that time headed to the federal courthouse in boston. the broadcast and cable television networks including this one went to air with the information. the fbi later denied the story and scolded the media for not verifying information through appropriate official channels. then came an evacuation of the courthouse. the building cleared because of an unspecified threats. all of that happening before the fbi postponed the scheduled 5:00 p.m. briefing that had been scheduled to provide official information on the fbi investigation. it was that kind of day for investigators d the media. as the search continues for a man they believe may have direct knowledge of who carry out this despicable act of horrendous terrorism. here is what we do know at this hour. oh lord and taylor department
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store directly across from the bomb site, the second bomb, turned over surveillance video to the fbi. that video reportedly gave investigators an image of a gun man they now want to talk to. a man described as a suspect. a fedal law enforcement officials sharing with fox news rick leventhal just moments ago pictures of two men who they are now searching for. one of them carrying a backpack that appears to match the one used in the attack. meanwhile, the scare in washington d.c. is widening. a letter addressed to president obama tested positive for the deadly poison, ricin, today. this after senator roger wicker of mississippi was targeted just last night. the deadly contents above letters was detected before being delivered to the white house and the capital. a sweeping defeat for gun-control advocates today.
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the senate voted against that to -- compromised amendment and would have extended backround checks, against the assault weapons ban and against an amendment to ban high-capacity magazines. president obama appearing with former congresswoman--foot -- debbie giffords, the town victim's family members at the white house describing this as a shameful day for washington. blasting both the national rifle association and the senate. >> the gun lobby and itsllies will fully lied about the bill. they claim that it would creat some sort of big broer gun registry. even though the bill did the opposite. this legislation in fact outlawed any registry, plain and simple, right there in the text. that didn't matter. and unfortunately this pattern of spreading untruths about this
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legislation serve the purpose because those lies upset and intense minority of gun owners which in turn in terminated lot of senators. lou: the president obviously upset. senator jeff blake who voted against that to me mention amendment was also a member of the gang of eight which unveiled its 844 page immigration reform legislation today. senator, first, welcome. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. lou: if we may start with the president's reaction to the defeat, those amendments, to remain for tomorrow, you voted against the mansion. your thoughts, your reaction to back. >> i thought that the language just was in right. it was not that it created a national gun registry. i don't think it did. i don't think it had that potential. what i found troubling was that it -- it would basically affect
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private sales of individual sales as long as it was posted on the internet, said dozen in now composting on the board summer. that is not what it was intended by the legislation to my think, but that is what the legislation said. lou: senator, i want to move very quickly to the ricin letters. your office in arizona, one of your offices they're received a letter with a suspicious substance. where does that stand tonight? >> well, we have been given the all clear. no harmful substance, but the letter with ricin was sent from tennessee to senator weicker. this letter came from tennessee with no return address and with an oily substance on it. it was troubling. my staff alerted authorities, as they should have. it was tested. lou: and, of course, another
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tested. directed to the president. i want to turn now if we may quickly to the gang of a legislation unveiled today. putting it forward at 2:38 a.m. are you hopeful that this will be the foundation of a successful legislative process end result and law and reform, true reform? >> i sure hope so. we have waited a long time, as you know, for a subset of komi for reform. we think that this legislation representshat. is a bipartisan piece of legislation. there are things in there for everyone to like and everyone to hate as well. but we think that it has the right balance. border security, first and foremost, a workable plan. employer enforcement. a mechanism to deal with those who are here illegally now, short of supporting eryone. lou: as you know, senator sessions, number of oer
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critics stepped forward immediately to say that this legislation is inadequate, that it is amnesty, that it does not put enough -- i don't know how to describe enough. it does not secure the border. it does not insist upon that in their judgment. and the cost is awesome to say the least. some of the estimates, unfunded liabilities that result, imposition, medicare, medicaid, amounts to as much as $4 trillion of the course of time. how do you respond to those initial criticisms? >> well, for one in terms of border security, for the first time we actually have triggers in the bill. before -- you have to have more security in order for other things in theill to take place. nobody can adjust their status to get a green card until we have certain border enforcement measures that have been taken. and certain border security
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measures that have been met. that is in there. as far as cost, the cost of the bill itself will be covered by the bill, by fees and fines that are paid in the bill, by those who are seeking to legalize their status. companies looking to hire 820 workers. in terms of long-term cuts, let me just reiterate, nobody was year under a status of a provisional status will have any benefit, including obamacare. so that simply does not apply. so i don't know where those estimates are coming from, but they're wrong. lou: senator, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee has said one hearing. that is what he wants. this is a profound piece of legislation or could be. appropriately heard, appropriately marked up, a thoughtful participants in the senate and house coming together to create a helpful and
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productive and humane program. >> right. lou: the idea that one man, the senateudiciary committee says one hearing and the american people go to hell, that is why we got into trouble in 2006 and seven, as in the? >> well, you may have said one hearing, we are already having to. we have one on friday and another on monday. and we will likely have more. i hope we do. republicans are pushing for more hearings. we won't markup this bill for another three weeks or months. and so there is time. we are not going to pass this bill to find out what is at. it is in our interest and i think everyone's interest to go through regular order and make sure everyone is comfortable moving ahead. lou: on the back to 1986, looking at -- talking about 300 witnesses. one hundred hours of hearings. why would this not be given, as i said, profound importance,
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which -- you are one of the creators. i just can't imagine why that would be at the very outset of the process? >> like i said, we are pushing for more hearings. we think it ought to be adequately heard and have a full amendment process in the committee and on the floor. i don't know that you need 100 hours of 300 hours are what we need. it needs to be adequately heard. one thing that has been pointed out. a lot of this debate, to six years ago. there are 43 new senators since that time. there are a lot to have not dealt with this issue. you want to make sure there is due process and that we have regular order and that this bill is properly heard. lou: if i may, as we wrap up your -- reroute of time. continuing the conversation, and i will say this. the gang of eight has delivered a product and a proposal that is the best it has been tendered so
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far in the was that a process. it stretches over the past eight years. so for that, you, and all the members are be complemented. thank you for being with us. again, congratulations. >> thank you. thank you for having me on. lou: thank you. a lot of other news. we want to make certain that we report what is happening as well on the periphery of extraordinary events today. denying allegations that the immigration plan hands out government issued cell phones to illegal immigrants, which some have died -- dubbed marco phones . democratic senator says he frs a train wreck as the obama administration struggles to implement obamacare. deploying 200 troops to jordan
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of the coming weeks to help contain violence that is rising along that nations' border with syria. there is no way to say this nicely. president obama's perris are confused. what happened to the will of the people? we take it up in tonight's "chalk talk." the third straight day. next. ♪
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♪ lou: of a volatile day on wall street and another triple digit decline in the dow. the chief investment strategist for janney montgomery scott will be here to give us his view. first, here is what happened on the street today or at least part of it. bank of america mist on earnings
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and revenue and pay the price. apple suppliers say they see a slowdown of apple's sales. the two stocks led the decline in the market. 4 billion shares traded. the dow is down 138 points, an uptick in volume. the s&p down almost 23 points. the nasdaq fell 16. bank of america stock down almost 5%. j.p. morgan followed with a three and a half% decline. apple stock moving lower. recovering just slightly. down five and a half% today. managing the pop-up to 403 at the close. losing its title of the world's most valuable company, exxon mobi. commodities a week. the price of gold is down $4.70 per ounce. worries about global economic weakness. down $2 per barrel, just below
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$87. and in the bond market, investors buying bonds sending the yield down to 170%. well, a guest tonight says economic news is bring investors back to reality. he sees this as a short-term pullback. joining us now, chief investment strategist. it could to have you here. this is a little pause. not of fullblown correction. we are ready for the leg up. >> we are handicapping it as such. we are looking around and trying to tease out all the data like everyone else. what we are seeing is some sequential of slowing on a comparative basis with some of the data points that led off with the jobs report that came in. kind of a punk is no. 88,000, but coupled with the news we got out of china. nonetheless, a slight slowdown.
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leaving investors to have a reality check. what we need is economic validation to confirm that we are continuing to be on good footing which i'll think will start the next leg up in equity prices. lou: getting pretty good news on housing still. pretty good news on earnings. it's early. not making a judgment on the season in its entirety. but we have a lot of good things happening. looks to me as though even with this move down, it seems -- a couple of points. we are really still hanging pretty tough year, particularly as compared to markets around the world with the exception of japan right now. they have an amazing book. >> absolutely. we are down about 3% from the all-time high. we are still up about 10% year today. so a tremendous lift in the short four months.
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lou: allows the 10% appreciation that is only going to be 40% for the year. >> that would be tough to take. but you're right. green sheets. corporate america is in great shape. a little bit mixed, but on balance. that was expected. the ball is sufficiently low enough for companies to show there still doing well. housing continues to show signs of recovery. household net worth has recovered to 2%. the third quarter of 2007 which bodes well for consumer spending which drives over 70 percent of economic activity in the united states. that is what lea us to believe that going into the second half of 2013 we will see an uptick in activity which will support hire equity prices. lou: and that is a terrific outlook. we saw trading picked up. a substantial increase over the average.
10:20 pm
we saw the losses at least allow little bit, mitigated. what do you make of that? is there going to be, do you think, a pickup in both volatility and volume? >> i would not be surprised to see a pickup in volatility because it has been virtually absent from the market so far this year and really since last fall. so that is highly unusual. what is more unusual is the fact that we have gone this far without some much as a five or 10 percent pullback which is considered to be normal if not healthy because we invite the market to move higher. it is waiting for this pull back. i think what we saw today was of violent pull back early in the morning. a measured response as investors said, look, this data it is not accumulating as badly as it seems to be or is being portrayed. as a consequence we still think equities are the most attractive choice by far when compared to alternatives. lou: always good to see you. thanks.
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up next, a loan will for coordinated attack? our leadingsychogist takes us inside the mind of terrace. and a nation terrorized. and the white house political focus in stark contrast to the will of the public. evidence in the "chalk talk" tonight. our president is very upset. we will try to calm those worries. ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone wants... ♪ 50% more doo wop ♪ 50% more buckarooooooooos ♪ 50% more yeeeaaahhhh!!!! ♪ 50% more yeah yeah [ male announcer ] the capital e cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ 50% more boogie ♪ what's in your wallet? cashhhhh!!!
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♪ lou: congress was hard at work today, doing their very best to represent the will of the people. and just what did the people want? well, we ask americans command here is what they found. 24 percent say the economy is the most important issue facing this country. 18 percent say it's unemployment
10:25 pm
and jobs, of course. satisfaction with the government itself. 16 percent -- i mean, these are the beginnings of a list for anyone's agenda and politics in this country. anyone responsible for government. 11 percent said it's the deficit and debt. now, you may have noticed, we are not seeing any legislation, not heang a lot of talk about programs and responses to deal with these issues. and then there is, of course, health care. 6 percent. 6 percent say that is the most important issue. 5 percent say it's ethics. i have to say, 5% as a little small for me on this. the ethical and moral and family decline in this country. are you kidding me? 4% say immigration. i know what your thinking. we have seen a huge immigration bill introduced.
10:26 pm
well, 4 percent say that it's education. the number one issue in the country. and another 4 percent say guns. isn'that interesting? guns. here is what the hundred and 13 congress that succeeded at doing so far this year. they put together seven measures, seven measures, seven measures total, two of them new laws for disaster relief. to loss funding the government itself, of course. one lot to protect us from buyout terrorism and then the next, one law expanding protections for domestic violence victims and a lot rolling back a provision that would have required higher-ranking federal employees to disclose their financial information online. that set of laws, as your dealing with the top priorities for americans as surveyed by gallup.
10:27 pm
what are they spending there time on? well, not the economy, unemployment, dissatisfaction with the government, deficit, or debts, and it's not health care, six. we are down here to number four to immigration, guns. two of the three issues that matter least americans, at least accordingo gallup. gun-control and immigration. the senate gang of eight just introduced their immigration proposal. senators voted on seven amendments that would restrict our second amendment rights. every single one of them failed. did i mention, the second amendment prevailed. you have to feel good about that. i have a feeling that the 15 percent approval rating, given what they are doing with priorities and the american people, it's going to a shoot up any day now because of their terrible, terrible hard work and profound interest in what matters most to their constituents.
10:28 pm
dramatic developments in the texas prosecutor murders. "dobbs law" with the latest. the new accusations that the obama administration is cooking the books on the part station. the recipe for deception. terror in boston. psychiatrist dr. keith abbott joins us here next. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. but maybe the problem isn'isn't your lawn.
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♪ lou: this just in, the fbi will hold a briefing on the very latest from the boston terrorist attack at the top of the hour. fox news noweporting the investigators are distributing pictures of two people that want to talk with. we will have much more information on that at the top of the york. meanwhile, my next guest says the strength and freedom of americans is leading to feelings of vulnerability following terrorist attacks.
10:32 pm
joining us now to assess the impact of the psyche, and motions of americans is leading psychiatrist and a member of the fox news medical "a-team," dr. keith tableau. >> thank y for having me. lou: you are there. why don't i just ask you. what is your sense of the feeling in the community inn3 boston? how you are sensing it, what is reflecting that mood, those feelings? >> well, people are going to work, going to school. they are out and about. yet folks do tell me, and my office as a psychiatrist here in the boston area as well as just personally that they have constructed their range of behavior. loath to go near the are where the bombing took place. they are thinking about going out for coffee. they might not. those behaviors will be
10:33 pm
restored, but what will be restored is the sense that it cannot happen on any street corner in boston or any street corner in america. it really can happen anywhere, and now we know for sure. lou: the reaction of bostonian some americans across the country. at least in media, was not one of anger that i would have expected and that we witnessed on september 11th, for example. there has been -- it seems like more of an inward reflection, if you will about individual emotions. who perpetrated this horrible crime, but it does seem different. i expect more rage and less --
10:34 pm
and expression of vulnerability. that is what i see him at least in the media. >> well, it's tough to focus your rage when you don't know the perpetrator. i think that is part of the familiar. the other thing is that i think folks are finding that because we do embrace the values that others wish to attack, if this does turn out to beea terrorist that perhaps we are learning what israel has learned in other cotries have learned, that when you embrace ideals that are powerful about freedom, true as we hold to be self-evident, that people will attack you. it is because of our white that the darkness comes. and if there is to be anger, i tell you, my anger is at the folks who are putting forward gun control measures when we just saw a pressure cooker bomb with nails and ball bearings kill people in boston. we just had a knife attack that maimed 14 people in texas. people were paid and elected on
10:35 pm
capitol hill talking about gun-control that will do nothing to stem any of this violence. that makes me angry. lou: extraordinarily to my those legislators, everyone to whom the question has been put acknowledges that the universal background check, for example, would not have changed one whit what happened in sandy hook. it is a peculiar time. there seems to be a sense of entitlement on the part of many americans that somehow they don't have to be responsible for themselves and that they have no obligation to protect themselves , families, communities in the face of these horrific threats. >> i think it's very unfortunate that the federal government's and several states are many states following the lead, we are doing things that are nonsensical. the deprive us of autonomy and thinking. my son at logan airport, 11, is not have to take tough issues
10:36 pm
anymore to go through security. at it as my mom who is just shy of 80. i do. i'm not sure that makes any sense. i also know with all of the tsa spending, with all of the other supposet security measures, we are not say for. i wt to know why we can focus on things that really work like repairing the mental health care system which would have profoundly impacted newtown and aurora, colorado. for some reason you're not going to hear the president talking about the profound and important need to fix america's mental health care system. he would rather take guns from people. lou: always good to have you here. thanks. >> take care of. lou: you can put said "lou dobbs tonight" there is. new evidence the department of
10:37 pm
common security has been stealing statistics to make the border seems secure. as we take a quick break, will bring you up-to-date. there would be an update from the fbi it:00. we have just received word that they have decided to cancel that we will keep you up today as to when they're ready to come forward with that press conference. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known?
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♪ lou: breaking news. confirming that a man from mississippi has been arrested as a suspect in the mailing of two letters that initially tested positive for the deadly poison ricin. those letters mailed to president obama and senator roger wicker of mississippi, again, man from mississippi has been arrested in the mailing of two letters that tested positive for ricin, the president obama
10:41 pm
and senator weicker. well, senate judiciary committee chairman claiming his committee will hold its fourth hearing on the new gang of eight immigration plan this friday. not so quick. it's actually the first hearing of just two that are scheduled in the legislation. the legislation. the senator got confused about which hearings. senator chuck schumer officially introduced to that to 30:00 a.m. the gang of eight claims they kept their promise to deliver legislation on tuesday since the senate remained in session. our next guest says if the gang of it really wants to persuade americans their series of border security they should rely on something other than statistics provided by department of homeland security. joining us now, co-author of a number of state anti illegal immigration laws. the kansas secretary of state. it to have you. i have to say, i think a gang of
10:42 pm
a legislation, i will say it is adequate or sufficient because it is not. it is the best piece of legislation i have seen proposed by democrat or republican in the last decade. >> i disagree. one of the things that we learned in this lawsuit and texas with the eyes agents suing , we have learned that they have been cooking the books. they've been telling us for a long time that they have a record number of deportations. turn out that number is inflated by a 6,000 in this lawsuit. they're counting border patrol interactions with normally turn some around as removals' when there aren't. this new bill says trusted vhs toell us when they have reached 90%. lou: i didn't say it was sufficient. i didn't say it was adequate. i said, in fact, it isn't the idea that a thousand -- 80,000 calling these removals, which is what they have been doing is silly, stupid, and they
10:43 pm
can't resist, they being the said ministration, the democratic party in particular cannot resist gaming the system. all they have to do is be honest with the american people, secure the damn border instead of talking about how to define the operational control. this is nonsense. >> if it were serious about the border they would give us something concrete. put up this many miles of fencing. stead they say would never be a chess, 90% control, you have to believe it. lou: it has been, by the way, for the last decade. and there are still lying. they don't even include statistics about those who are crossed the border illegally who then get away. there is no statistic. there is more in this bill. i have been reading. i am going to persuade you. there is a provision in their --
10:44 pm
lou: i thought that was such praise. they could get away with that. >> there is a provision in and says some people have already been deported but can come back to get amnesty. lou: and they bring there families? >> they may be able to. once one person -- lou: senator menendez and is involved. you will see a back door chain migration effort the likes of which you cannot even -- >> he would have loved this. it alsoays we are not supposed to give it to criminals. all the criminals with felony convictions. but if you are arrested for crimes it's okay. you have to have a conviction before you're excluded. that is one of the things the ice ages have been talking about. with this executive amnestied says the same thing. defines them as criminal convictions. all kinds of people areeing arrested. lou: but that is really -- someone should be sent to jail for doing that.
10:45 pm
that's the problem. i think an arrest is one thing. we should not raise that level. that should not count the same as the convictio. >> yes, we can. let me give you one example of ice agents in el paso. the alien vessel to the federal officer personally. we witnessed thessault. not a conviction yet. he was cut loose. lou: only a plain fool would do such a thing. and i don't -- if that is what is going on, that agents it stand up and scream bloody murder. >> he is in this lawsuit suing. lou: and that is inappropriate response. >> they're taking a silly policy and making it law. lou: not yet, they're not. what i wanyou do is give them aice on how to make this work. >> they have to change this bill completely. there are so many things, loopholes everywhere. lou: and starting to think there is a divide. >> just a little one.
10:46 pm
not quite. they also allow the dartment of homeland security to define at certain chairman and laborers are and not apply to them. it sounds like seasonal laborers lou: it sounds like this department of homeland security. i have to tell you. an absolute wreck in terms of its integrity and that trust on the part of the american people for the department of homeland security. great and good men and women who make up those agencies. the leaders of this thing are an absolute disaster. that includes the commander in chief who is insisting that loss not be enforced. hopefully all that can change with a good-faith effort in the senate and house. >> it will take more than this bill. lou: all right. always good to talk with you. up next among the fher of one of the victims of the benghazi
10:47 pm
terrorist attacks is on capitol hill and wants answers. so the week. don't you? ♪ at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, k, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card
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♪ lou: seven months after the terrorist attacks in benghazi and the families of the victims are still looking for answers. charles woods, the father of murdered navy seal on capitol hill today with congressman frank wolf urging congress to name a select committee to investigate why their pleas for help where gloom went unanswered. >> we lost people who receive your midi orders to stand down to present why they did this, why they failed to provide
10:51 pm
support and protection for the 30 some peoplehat were at the consate and the cia building. lou: back in october described u.s. officials it did not respd to requests for help as murderers of my son. pomp and circumstance. queen elizabeth the second former secretaries of state, henry kissinger, and james baker joining with more from all over the world. representatives from 170 countries, the iron lady, the longest serving british prime minister in modern times. unions and socialism, spreading conservative ideals and philosophy that will ride in winning the war. thatcher died of a stroke last week at the age of 87.
10:52 pm
up next, a bigger arrest in texas. the investigation into the murders of prosecutors and the wife of the district attorney, it looks like they are headed toward resolving the case. "dobbs law," attorneys join us. stay with us. ♪ @
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10:55 pm
♪ lou: joining us now, criminal defense attorney heather hansen and fox news legal analyst criminal defense attorney janice spieloard. i want to get to two pieces very quickly. the arrest in taxes of the wife of the exit justice of the pie there charged with three murders. the d.a., assistant d.a., and the wife of the district attorney. >> the odd thing about that is police went and basically on her confession that she was the one who often these people, sort of,
10:56 pm
i guess, in retribution for has been getting convicted. very convoluted. he gets convicted of stealing and lost his job. lou: stealing three computers. >> shooting three innocent people. now warmer has it that she will also put the gun and arouse the sand. right now he has not been charged with mders. >> in jail for making terroristic threats, and he is in jail for the bond. what she is now saying, she's the one that pull the trigger. they found a warehouse full of arms and the car. has really been -- the investigation has been amazing. lou: we d't have an opportunity to do this enough. the investigators, law enforcement agencies, the prosecutors have been brilliant in the state of texas in the way in which they have handled this. >> without a doubt. and the fact of the public did not know what was happening until it happened.
10:57 pm
lou: turning to the abortion doctors trial, one of the most disgusting cases to come to the public attention. today in a-year employee of the clinic testified abortion patients were routinely over medicated, did not keep records. i don't see how there were not more complaints against this man >> and the should have been. i lived in philadelphia. represented doctors. the repercussions of what he has done have floated downward. it is unbelievable. it is very prevalent. it has covered teeseven has been covered every day. and a grown woman. >> first-degree. >> stepping the spinal cords after they were born alive. this case made me want to vomit.
10:58 pm
and this g, no way he's no going to be found not guilty. >> he really believes that he is not. i have been in the courtroom. he takes notes, smiles. considers himself. he considers himself a medical missionary. he thinks he has done this to save this population of womein his cell. even if the scientific evidence in his favor. they will want to convict them. this is the most disgusting and in this case -- and i can't believe we're not covering it more. seven babies. more than that. it's disgusting. >> it is. i don't know how they are going to have nightmares. the death penalty case. to have them -- another month of
10:59 pm
this. >> medical missionary my butt. lou: it's a horrible, horrible case. critically important. it seems to be the city of philadelphia is a war with itself. a political component. that may play out across donation. that maybe the reason there has been such an aversion to this case, covering it in the national media. >> itas been covered in philadelphia extremely well, and i think there are a lot of people up in arms about it. we talk aboutvery day. >> we can't let it happen anywhere else. your smart to say that. we have a lot to take up. we will do so here tomorrow night the boston marathon bombings, the fbi is now looking for two suspects.

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